Some Days: Part 2

First, a less than 5-minute video about play.  (And no, I'm not a Dr. Brown saleswoman, but if you buy his book through this link I make a little dough.)  I just really think it's an important book.

In my last


, I mentioned that some days there's so much work to do there's not much time for play.  And yes, as one person commented, sometimes work is play.  And sometimes a lot of work is involved in preparation for play.  Just think of planning for a big party. 

Earlier this week I was getting ready to teach my new Creative Play Therapy Interventions class in beautiful Prestonsburg KY.  The leaves on the trees in the mountains and hills of Eastern Kentucky are alive with their autumn colors.  I seriously wished I could have taken pictures while I was driving, but of course, I don't shoot and drive.  Sorry, bad pun. 

Once I got to my destination I really enjoyed myself with this wonderful group of students.  This time my work did feel like play.  And I did take some pictures after all.  The students and I experienced an excuse to go outside and enjoy the fall weather a walking meditation. 

Here's what I saw as I came out of the building.

Next to the building was a sweet little nature walk where I took these pics.

Couldn't decide which one of these I like better.

So what can


do to make work more like play?