2 things

Two things happened to me yesterday while teaching that I've never experienced before.

1) As I started my lecture in one of my classes and looked out at the students, one of them had on the exact same light denim jacket as me. That one from Wallyworld cheap one. I am happy to say it was one of my smart, engaged students who was sitting in the front row.

2) As I began to administer a test in my play therapy class, I looked down at the computer next to me and saw that someone was using it to charge his or her cell phone. Then, you guessed it, the phone began to ring. Thankfully, it wasn't too loud and didn't have an annoying ring tone. And thankfully, I have this same type of phone so I knew how to silence it.

By the way, administering a test in a PLAY therapy class is just wrong, don't ya think?

I could be annoyed in each of these situations, but instead I chose to be amused. Thankful again.

So dear reader, I thought you might need a more light-hearted post today. It seems you are more likely to comment when my posts are not so long and deep.

Here's hoping that something amuses you this weekend!

P.S. Go Texas Rangers! If they win tonight, they'll go on to the World Series, an experience they've never had.