Fall = Play

What a fun time of year!
First, a trip to the roadside market.

Animals out of hay

Real animals

Tried so hard to get a good pumpking pic with the kids. The sun was in their eyes and Miles just wanted to play, naturally. "No pictures Mom!"

One more inside the market

A friend of ours has her birthday on Halloween. For the past 5+ years she and her husband have hosted a pumpkin party which seems to get bigger every year. It is a Fall highlight for me.

I love to see adults and children alike exercising their creativity!
Here are some of my favorites.

This carousel actually spun around.

Meredith made one with an Apple logo.

Of course, this purple one belongs to me.
 (With idea from Alisa Burke whose blog is so creative!)

My hubby was one of the judges. Judging takes a very long time because everyone gets an award and the judges develop creative names for the awards. Miles, in fact, who didn't want to decorate his pumpkin because he was too busy playing in these friends' lovely backyard, won the award for "Most Loved Pumpkin."

Something new this year: a magic show.
So fun to watch the kids' reactions to the tricks.

Guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar.

Miles really enjoyed the pinata.

Who are these two?

Here are all the beautiful children. An annual pic on the stairs. Miles is front row center, Meredith is directly above him in back row.

Here's another pic. Which one do you prefer?

We arrived home to find these fun Halloween figures made by my sister.

What a fun weekend! Just wait till next weekend...