Jodi and the Purple Crayon

You must remember Harold and the Purple Crayon. 
This year, in honor of all that is artsy and playful and my favorite color, I decided to get in on the Halloween action by wearing a purple crayon costume. The kindergarteners in Miles's class seemed to like my costume when I helped with their Halloween party. I even got some smiles when I handed out candy and went trick-or-treating with Miles, although he only wanted to go to two houses and then settled down to eat his "big" haul right in the middle of our sidewalk. That is one happy boy. This was also the first year Meredith went trick-or-treating without me ~sniff~ which just meant I could sit and snitch candy while waiting for trick-or-treaters. :)

For some reason Meredith is really into all things nerdy right now.
I admire her for not being afraid to be different.
And I LOVE her purple Converse!
(I can actually remember wearing those button-down oxford shirts
in the 80s and thinking I was cool.)

What would Halloween be like without kids?!
H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N!!!!!!!