Olivia, My Hero

At 40 years old, I am such a kid.  On Saturday we went and bought a new car.  While my husband was doing all the paperwork, M & M (our kids) and I went to the bookstore (our second home) to browse.  I'm more excited about the following item I found there than the new car.

Olivia is my hero.  I have loved her ever since 2000 when her creator, Ian Falconer, introduced her to the world in the book by the same name.  Olivia is precocious, funny, feisty, playful piglet and a lover of art.  And I am peeing in my pants thrilled that Olivia/Ian have a new book coming out this week: Olivia Goes to Venice.  Back to the bookstore for me.
by Ian Falconer Olivia       Olivia Goes to Venice

One of the neatest things about the Olivia books is that the author incorporates pictures of famous and not so famous pieces of art.  The original book included part of Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm #30.  Like Olivia does in the book, my daughter attempted to make such abstract expressionist art when she was about 6 and taking art lessons at home.  Here is her work.

I think the best thing about Olivia is that she is never afraid to be herself.  So if you were to say, "Jodi, you're just a big kid," I'd take it as a compliment.  This Olivia figurine will proudly sit on my desk at work as a reminder--it is more than okay to be creative and express yourself...in other words, BE YOURSELF.