Who/What's Inspiring Me Lately

from my art journal
Who/what's been inspiring me lately?
  • The Art Journaling and Artful Blogging magazines by Stampington & Company, publisher of all sorts of artsy, craftsy stuff.  (I buy them at my local Barnes & Noble.)
  • The blogs, Kind Over Matter and Roots of She, especially because they often post a simple picture with an inspiring quote like this and this.
  • I know I'm biased but my sister's creative series of Menorah art videos are THE BOMB.  You can find the first one blogged about here.  They get increasingly better.  Love, love the last one so I've included it right in this post.  Her multiethnic people at the end make me smile.

Finally, it's a snow day here for the kids.  Fooled around with the Instagram app and shot this '70s looking pic.