When You are Happy

Hope this post finds you well. Everyone seems to dread Mondays so here's a little pick-me-up.

I can't say enough good things about When You Are Happy by Eileen Spinelli.  It's one of those books that if I were a millionare I'd purchase a copy for all my friends.  The illustrations by Geraldo Valerio are some of the most delightful, creative, playful illustrations I've ever seen.  He also, incidentally, teamed up with the same author for Do You Have a Hat?

It's not just a book about happiness but other emotions and physical states like sadness, sickness, loneliness, and fear.  Spinelli's words are pure poetry:

I will catch your tears
in a blue cup
and water the yellow flowers
and they will grow more beautiful.

In the end it's a book about being there for one another, in the good times and most definitely in the bad times.  Human connections--isn't that what life's all about?