Mining for Play Therapy Gold (the pics version)

What have I been doing lately?

Mining for play therapy gold in Sacramento

theme for 2011 APT conference

(iphone photo by me)

at the 2011 APT conference

photo by ?

I presented on Creativity for Play Therapists.

that's me standing

(iphone photo by Tammi Van Hollander)

I went to several meetings.

Conference Program Committee with Tami Langen & Kathy Lebby

(surprise photo by Mistie Barnes)

I went to play therapy trainings including those by

Terry Kottman

, Jeff Ashby,

David Crenshaw

, Athena Drewes, Eric Green, LeAnne Steen, and Hilda Glazer.

Eric Green & David Crenshaw

(photo by ?)

Most of all, I networked, ate, and drank with play therapy friends, new and old.

me with Angela Cavett & Liana Lowenstein

(photo by ?)


me, Cherie Spehar, Lori Myers, Anne Stewart, David,

Angela, Ana Tillman, Tammi Van Hollander

with the APT dude

(taken by ?)

David Crenshaw started a private play therapy group on Facebook.

We met for a big toast (thank you Liana).  I love that he is laughing in this pic.

Stay tuned.  I plan to share my reflections on the conference in an upcoming post.