Picture the Holidays -- Days 8-12

You can tell it's been finals week and a weekend of Christmas parties and graduation because I haven't had a chance to blog in several days.  So 5 days worth of Picture the Holidays prompts and photos!

#picturetheholidays Reflecting on the Season Day 8

Theme for Day 8 was Reflecting on the Season.

Spotted the reflection of our Christmas tree in the glass of this print on our living room wall.  It was a nice surprise.

#picturetheholidays It's a Sign Day 9: these words spoke to me on a brochure from @jenleedotnet

#picturetheholidays It's a Sign #2: didn't notice the face in the photo on book by @jenleedotnet until I took this pic

Theme for Day 9 was It's a Sign.

This prompt was hard for me until I sat down with a book written by Jen Lee that I ordered and received in the mail that day along with the brochure you see above.  I didn't really notice the face on the cover of the book until I took that picture.  I also like the words on the brochure, so I've got two photos for this prompt.

#picturetheholidays Twinkle Twinkle Day 10.

Theme for Day 10 was Twinkle Twinkle.

I must like Christmas trees because we've got 4 of them.  The big one in the living room, a 3-4 footer in Meredith's room, a one-footer in Miles's room, and then one other 3-4 footer.  The last one I haven't gotten around to decorating.  It still has on the lights from years past.  Miles thought it needed a star.  So he took a star-shaped stickie (whatever you call those things) and placed it on the tree.

Theme for Day 11 was Shaping Up.  This prompt was getting me until I noticed this lamp in the living room.  It reminds me of the curves of the red ribbon on a candy cane or swirling garland on a Christmas tree.  After uploading the picture to my computer I noticed the diamond shapes between the "ribbons."  And the base's overall shape is almost that of an upside down, fat Christmas tree.

Theme for Day 12 (today) was A Whole Lotta Happy.  Again, at first I was a bit stumped.  I knew I had many ornaments with smiles on them in a box waiting to be placed on the tree in the photo above, but tonight I am tired from staying up late grading and don't feel like rummaging through said box out in the cold garage. 

Oooo, but then I remembered my Christmas Ziggy.  I don't tend to decorate with child-like things at home.  (Though I admit I do have cheesy kid stuff like this in my office at work, but that's another story.)  Ziggy holds such fond memories for me.  He was very popular in the early '80s when my best friend and I would give each other Ziggy friendship cards on a regular basis.  (I still have all those cards, too.)  There is just something about that short, bald-headed dude.  And what did I do today?  I spoke to this best friend, who lives back in Texas and I don't get see very often at all and don't talk to often enough either.  I think it's actually been a few months!  But she's the kind of friend that when you talk to her it's like no time has passed.  And that makes me happy. :)

Here's hoping you've got friends like that!