That's My Girl

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter.  She is 4 in her playroom that became her bedroom when her brother was born.  She built some sort of structure for her Barbies.  I remember thinking at the time how very creative it was.

Now this daughter is 11 1/2.  Yes, must add in the 1/2 because she's definitely closer to being 12 than 11 in more ways than one.  She exercises her creativity more through writing stories and photography.

Last night she said we needed to have a mother-daughter day.  I am so glad she did.  I LOVE our mother-daughter days.  When I woke up this morning she left a note with it all planned out: eating lunch out, shopping, mani/pedi, seeing a movie, and going to Barnes & Noble.  My kinda play day!

So today I am grateful for my creative daughter & the beautiful sunshine with temperatures in the 60s.

Here's hoping that you have sunshine and creative people in your life to brighten your day!