Space Alien Birthday

Seems like it's been an entire week of celebrating Miles's 6th birthday.  Started on a Saturday afternoon with a party at an indoor playspace complete with videogames and a bounce house.  Only a few guests came (not good to hold a party when UK is playing, I guess), but Miles had fun and that's what counts.  We had a space alien theme.  Wanted to do something with space since he is obsessed with space so this was the cutest thing I could find.  I love that I can take the invitation to our local bakery and they can make a cake based on the theme.  They always seem to turn out so cute and creative.   I really enjoy planning my children's birthday parties.  It becomes a quest for me to find things to put in the goodie bags that match the theme.  This year I put a planet notebook, a space pencil, a little space alien figurine, and a moon pie.  (I was surprised to find they still make them.) 

Nothin' better than watching a young child laugh, play, and enjoy.    For his actual birthday on Friday, I brought cupcakes to school.  He only wore the crown while his classmates sang to him.  I don't blame you for not liking to wear the crown but it does look cute.   He so loved his star shaped balloon.  Later we went to a child's favorite spot, Chuck E. Cheese, complete with extra tokens.  And what did he spend most of his time doing?  Playing in the indoor playspace.  You know, the one that doesn't cost any tokens.  So I had to "help" Meredith use up the tokens by playing skeeball.

Here's to watching you play, laugh, learn and grow during this next year!