For the Love of iPhoneography & Lens on Life

Morning eyes #Sparkles
I love playin around and taking pics with my iphone.  And my kids do too.  It's so easy.  No heavy dSLR camera to lug around.  No special settings to mess with.  If I share the photos with someone and say I took them with my iphone, then I'm less likely to worry about what a photog (that's someone who knows what they're doing with a camera) would think of them.  After all they were taken just with my iphone.

Then what's really fun is to use apps like instagram that have several filters that can change the look of the photo and then easily post it to twitter, facebook, flickr, posterous, or tumblr.  Later you can look at your feed in your app and see where others have "liked" your photo or left a comment.  (You can tell an instagram pic from a regular iphone pic by its square shape.)
Through twitter and other forms of social media and the web I have met the wonderful Stephanie Roberts and Jen Lemen.  What I'm really excited about is Stephanie and Jen's latest venture called Lens on Life.  (And I'm proud to say I am part of the Founders Circle.)  From the Lens on Life website: Lens on Life reveals and illuminates a visual voice for the unseen, particularly children living in impoverished conditions around the world. Lens on Life inspires creativity and cultivates photography skills with our students through the lens of connecting diverse people divided by cultural, socio-economic, and geographic boundaries.

Stephanie and Jen are currently in Kathmandu, Nepal working with a group of children at the Koseli school.  I've enjoyed seeing their instagram pics via twitter throughout the week.  I am definitely living vicariously through them.  My dream would be to join them one day and do play therapy with these kids.  Stephanie and Jen are Shutter Sisters who first went to Nepal for Picture Hope, their grand prize winning photography assignment the Name Your Dream Assignment global photography competition sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft.  You can learn more in this video.

And to top it all off Stephanie has written a book, The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity.  Love, love.  Happy, happy.

Pink dogwood #2
pink dogwood at Lindsey Wilson College
taken with you what and the instagram app