THE 100th Post (devoted to a special artist in my life)

Cori's palette from the play therapy conference

It's only fitting that I devote my 100th blogpost to my sister--someone who has been a big influence on my playful, creative life.  She is one of the most creative and talented people I know.  Here's her bio:

Cori Berg is the founder of Sacred Arts Studio and specializes in art for hope and healing. After receiving her Master's Degree in Art and Theology and continuing her studies at the Graduate Theological Union of University of California at Berkeley, she turned to the field of education where she worked as an early childhood teacher, elementary art teacher and early childhood director. Cori now works with organizations in the Dallas, TX area, providing live interactive art experiences for children and adults to explore creativity and life process themes. As a painter, fiber artist, and writer, her work can be followed here.

When she came to visit me in KY in August 2009, she created this lovely piece as a gift for me.  It looks very cool in my dining room against a wall painted soft rabbit brown that looks purple in the evening.  (She very well knows that purple is my favorite color.)

I invited her to be an exhibitor at the recent play therapy conference which was especially good since the bookseller didn't come.  I'm very pleased that she had such a wonderful response to her work.  Here are photos of her display.

While Terry Kottman spoke on the first day, Cori painted.  She told me that the colors reminded her of Terry, and I agree.

Here's the finished product which she allowed me to use as a giveaway.

Here's what she said about it: life can be chaotic at times but by connecting to another person you can build webs of safety that allow you to see beauty in the world.

Somone commissioned this sweet little piece which she finished at the conference as well.

 ~~~Hope her artwork brings some joy into your life as it does in mine.~~~