Playful Moments

a leather bracelet I made in VBS
Summer is full of playful moments...

Last weekend was SPC Day at the college, a day for our students and their families at various community campus sites to have an opportunity to visit the main campus.  Many drive several hours to attend.  Meredith had such a good time she said the college should do this more than once a year.

Miles enjoyed the slide in the bounce house.
Meredith liked getting her face painted and a spray painted braid put in her hair.

The previous weekend we visited a dear "old" friend who lives in Nashville (and teaches with me).  Hardly took any pictures.  Just enjoyed my time with her and my kids.  We love her dog Daisy who comes to campus with her.  Every time Daisy comes into the building where my office is she climbs the stairs looking for me.
 I've been playing with Instagram, which you'll see in the next set of pics.  (You can find me on this iPhone app under the nickname "playcrane", of course)
a self-portrait
journaling and reviewing lessons learned from my art retreat I attended last month

stopped on the road by this train
my hubby blew up a bunch of balloons
just because
After I took this photo I realized I had the art photo print upside down.  So in this pic I turned it the correct way.  I ordered it from here.  It came all the way from England.

Most recently, in the evening, I went to a park with my favorite little guy.  We took turns choosing what we wanted to do.  My choice was walking the track around the park for exercise and picture taking.  His choice was to play on the playground.  Our final choice made us both happy: we walked the track and caught lightning bugs.

Can you see the lightning bug/firefly moving in this pic?

Here's hoping your summer is made up of many playful moments as well!