(The) Cranes at the Zoo

Hot, wet, and sweaty at the end of the day
The kids and I visited the Louisville Zoo on Saturday as a final outing with Meredith's Girl Scout Troop.  (Thank you Lori for being such a wonderful leader all these years!)

Meredith tried her hand at zip-lining

over this water

while little brother had to watch with Mom (not big enough).  I was very proud of my girl.  I would have been too scared at her age.

Meredith kept wondering why I took so many shots of the three different cranes we saw.
Answer: Isn't it obvious?
Another answer: Because ya have to take a lot of shots to get just the right one.

Gorgeous creatures, them cranes.

And I'm reminded how lovely it is to spend a day with my children:  rejoicing in their pleasures.  watching them play in the water (didn't post those pics).  getting lots of exercise.  listening to the quiet as they slept on the ride home.  Even if it meant: driving 90 minutes.  getting hot and sweaty.  and listening to them complain when they were tired and hungry.

Priceless memories.