A Week of Joy

As I've stated in an earlier


, it's been a rough summer.  Things aren't really better, nor are they worse.  Okay, maybe they're a little bit better.  But I'm tired.  Of all of it.  So for this week I'm going to attempt to do something and focus on JOY.  And I just thought of this right now, this very moment.

I recently bought another necklace from my friend Liz when she was running a special in her etsy shop.  She included one of her soul mantra necklaces with my order.  When we returned home from vacation last week I was thrilled to see the package had arrived.  As I tore it open, I thought to myself, "the soul mantra necklace is gonna say JOY on it."  Yep!  Liz knew what I need to focus on, even if I didn't know it myself.  She's such a wise soul.

Looking back on the day I can think of two things I did that brought me JOY.

1) Miles and I filled up the

blow-up pool

with water.  Despite the warm air, the water was cold.  But he and I sat and talked.  And then we did yoga poses in the water.  And danced together.  And were silly.  Even though we don't have a fenced in backyard and all the neighbors could see if they wanted to.

2)  I painted a background painting for the How to Paint an Owl ecourse I'm taking.  Yes, it's led by a woman named Juliette Crane and no, I don't think we're related.  I didn't paint like I usually do.  Instead I painted with my fingers.  Just like a child.  Mixing hue of pink.  And then the fun, fun of spray paint.  When I think of JOY, I think of the color pink.

JOY in the simple moments. 

JOY in art and creativity.

JOY in play.

Will you join me this week?