Some Inspiration for the Beginning of the Week

I read a bunch of blogs and love to browse Twitter, mainly because of the vast amount of inspiration and creativity there is to be had.

I still haven't seen this commercial on TV but I heard enough about it on Twitter.  I love the diversity of the children.  A wonderful tribute for the anniversary of 9/11.  If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat.

Yesterday on Brene Brown's blog she posted the following video.  Who doesn't love the song Stand by Me and its message?  I can't help but remember in high school in the 80s going to see the movie by the same name based on Stephen King's novella.  There was a time when I had watched it so much I could recite many of its parts.  Again, this version of the song in this video is full of diversity.

Here's to a world where we are tolerant and respectful of one another's differences and help one another without tearing each other down!