Precious Moments for Monday Morning

Good Monday morning to you!

My colleagues at Lindsey Wilson and I suffered a very unexpected loss of one of our own over the weekend.  Unfortunately, it often takes something such as this to remind us how very precious every moment is.

Toward that end, I thought I'd share a few photos I found on my iPhone to start your week.  They are the very precious moments of my life.

I'll start with the Instagram shots:

Miles and I stand our ground
writing morning pages
evening relaxation
my fortune on Sept. 11, 2011
my little astronaut
berries on the holly tree--an early sign of fall
waiting in the car lane after a little shower
Miles has his own sense of style

a game of pool--a first one in a very long time

A few more...
a novel
what I wear when I teach about choosing toys for play therapy
Mer's self-portrait with the neighbors' dog
Miles can read to us at bedtime now
a fun little game
Here's to all the precious moments of your life!
May you not take them for granted!