Scenes from Around Here

From the last 3 (?!) weeks and mainly through my iPhone...

the kids

the bundle on fire on the Winter Solstice

A high school friend of mine gave this to me for Christmas many, many years ago.  I told her on facebook that I still have it.  She was incredulous.  And it seemed to make her happy.

My fortune after eating Chinese on Christmas Eve.
I could use a refreshing change.  We'll see if it comes to fruition.

I still don't get this shirt but it's what she wanted.

My boy was so very happy to get this.
He is definitely a unique kid.

Flew to Texas for a few days.  My 93-year-old grandfather was in town.

Found a street in the Dallas area with my boy's name.
He was excited to see it.

My boy thought we needed a New Year's cake.
Why, of course!

A new year, new calendars, a fresh start.

And here's to the first week of the new year!  Wonder what 2012 will bring.