I'm Baaaacccckkkk!


tulips at our home earlier this spring 

I wasn't going to be one of those people.  Those people who start a blog, are fairly consistent about blogging or at least blog fairly regularly, and then one day just stop blogging all together without posting any kind of message about taking a hiatus.

And without planning to, I became one of those people.  Not sure why I first stopped.  Perhaps I just got busy at the beginning of March, just didn't feel like it, or got busy doing other things. And before I knew it time got away from me.  

I recently tried blogging again but I got so frustrated with how long it takes Blogger to upload a single photo.  So I took the plunge and imported my entire blog to a new platform complete with my own domain name.  Yahoo for me!  Since this is now costing me $ instead of being free with Blogger, it may provide motivation to blog more often.  And I actually want to blog on a regular basis.  I do enjoy it.  (Meanwhile, I've already taken advantage of being able to have real people to contact at Squarespace to help me out.)  I'm definitely on a learning curve with this new platform so I chose to keep the look for this site pretty much the same until sometime in the future.

Since this post has taken longer than I'd planned with learning how to insert an image, I'm not going to write much, but I will insert some more photos of flowers I have taken.  Enjoy! 

 These last 3 pics were taken wtih my iPhone.