Photo Play with Circles



Yesterday I took out my big girl camera and shot photos of circles in my backyard.  It's about time I played with this camera.  (It was broken/not working right at the beginning of the summer so had to send it to Canon to get fixed.  Got it back and it still wasn't right so sent it off again.) 

Why'd I decide to shoot circles?  Not sure, just because.  I usually take pics of flowers and such but wanted to try something different.  Been also trying to Elevate the Everyday using my iphone to capture the images suggested on the Shutter Sisters site and then put on Instagram.

Circles are everywhere.  Cycle of life stuff: the seasons, a daughter whose about to become a teenager. a former colleague who died of cancer, a fellow student in my doctoral program whose cancer has returned, a cousin who will give birth to her first daughter, the start of another school year.

Never-ending, no beginning, no end, simple, whole.