I Want Depth: A Response to Jen Louden, A Response to You, A Response for Me

Inspired by this post by Jen Louden.


I want depth. Not the superficial. Not the who's-doing-what-with whom, how-is-the-weather? 

What touches you so deeply it brings tears to your eyes?

What lights you up and gets you so excited you feel tingly all over, so very alive?

What are your hopes and dreams? Your very personal ones. Not the ones for your kids. Not your spouse's. Not what Somebody Else says you should have. Yours.

What are your deepest longings? What do you crave? The wantings that hurt in places in your heart and gut.

What do you fear? What keeps you up at night? Not the usual fears that everyone has. The ones unique to you.

I really want to know You. Not the mask you wear that protects you from others and even yourself. The You that is free from constraints. The childish, uninhibited you.

And I want to share my own depth with you so there is a true connection between us. We'll feel forever bonded. Glued. Like I got your back and you've got mine.

Yet, I'm afraid you'll pity me or I'll scare you with my intensity. You might think I'm a little crazy. You might see me in a new, undiscovered way. I may no longer be that persona you think you need me to be. 

Masks and personas and your brand require a lot of energy to maintain. Underneath them--there lies your beauty. Your precious essence. It moves me to joy-filled tears.

And here's the thing. This kind of connection can't be cultivated if we allow ourselves to be busy, busy, busy. It just can't.

If it's important, we should take time for it.


And this kind of connection isn't possible if I tell myself there aren't others willing to go into the depth with me. As if there is something wrong with them or with me.

Silly me.