On Spontaneity, Play, and Purple Hair


You'll have to read along or scroll down to read about the purple hair.

On the Myers-Briggs Type Indictator, a popular personality test, I am a "J."  That means that I am often organized, planful, and scheduled.  Spontaneous is not a word that most people would use to describe me.  This past Sunday on the Twitter chat called Spiritchat the topic was Spontaneity.  I didn't realize it until the chat began that Spontaneity and Play have a lot in common.

Here are some tweets from that chat and the person who tweeted them in parentheses.  You could substitute the word play or playful and the meaning would often still be the same. 

Characteristics of spontaneity:

Spontaneity is the purest expression of authenticity. (@KateNasser)

Spontaneity is the nature of spirit. Always in the moment, allowing the flow, decisions based on feeling. (@alexisdaria)

“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.” ~Germaine Greer (@EmeliaSam)

Spontaneity Is Like A River: IT Tells You To Be Open In Life And Go With The Flow (@MaureenAOpene)

Nature is spontaneous. Not to be spontaneous is to be unnatural. (@Jon_Lap)

Babies and children are spontaneous by nature...indicating our natural state (@JanetNestor)

Being spontaneous means being aligned with our true spirit. (@carryitforward)

Spontaneity seems like a process of cultivating re-discovery of the kid within me (@AjmaniK)

This advice on being more spontaneous:

If we stifle spontaneity, we tend to block the flow ~ of love and blessings (@AjmaniK)

We can leave room for spontaneity by NOT over packing our schedules (@alexisdaria)

At first, we may have to pencil it in. Think back to recess...lots of spontaneity during those 15 min (@JoanneGuidoccio)

It's a lot easier to be spontaneous if we are present in the moment! (@carryitforward)

Cultivate our spontaneity by practicing open mind, open heart... open to receive, open to try positive things (@ThinDifference)

To be spontaneous, one must say: bring me whatever I need in my life - and then be willing to go with it (@healingmuse)

Cultivating a playful attitude. Releasing shoulds and oughts. Even for just a moment. (@playcrane)  Yes, that's me!

Stories of Spontaneity

My favorite part of the chat was when @EmeliaSam, who facilitated that week, asked participants to share what the last spontaneous thing was they had done.  Here they are.

Danced in Whole Foods with two bags of chia seeds using them as maracas (@KdK3_Love)

I sing out loud as often as possible, even though I'm not a good singer...it makes me feel awesome (@CoachRims)

Spontaneous dance party in my apartment, one attendee- me, but I always have fun (@merryb923)

Yesterday bought the kid in front of me at Dairy Queen his cone. Had my wallet out anyways. You should have seen his face (@mscator)

Gave myself purple streaks in my hair last night. feels fun, creative, playful, youthful, freeing = alive (@playcrane)

So I'm wondering, why NOT be more spontaneous more often?