This One Beautiful and Precious Life

Beauty is the illumination of your soul.  ~~John O'Donahue


Continual reminders of how precious life is: 

  • witnessed a car roll-over and bounce a couple of times on a busy interstate right before my eyes. (I searched and searched on-line to find out what happened.  Never found anything so I'm hoping that means everyone in the vehicle survived.)
  • hearing of the death of a radio host, at the same age as my husband, who I feel I grew up with as I listened to him throughout high school, college, and grad school
  • frequently seems to be that someone I know or a friend or relative of someone I know has cancer
  • someone posts a picture on facebook of a newborn baby
  • something circulates around the internet that brings tears to my eyes

I get lonely sometimes and then I get an encouraging comment to a post on this blog, instagram, or Facebook or I attend an on-line video chat led by two friends and the loneliness dissipates for awhile.  My husband or kids hug me close and all is right with the world.  I'm reminded how important it is to take the time to smile at a stranger or ask an acquaintance how they are doing, and really mean it.  Spread some kindness so others can also feel less alone.

I see artwork, hear a song, or read a novel and am amazed at what others can create.  What they bring to the world brings light and happiness to my corner.   I wonder what I can share with you, dear reader.

This life we live, the soul work that we do, is painful and joyful and heart-wrenching and full.  It. is. beauty.

Incidentally, should I ever decide to get another tattoo, it just might very well be that quote above.