Who and What to Follow on Instagram

Instagram by far is my favorite social medium. I'm a visual person and I love photography so I'm attracted to the simplicity of scrolling through the images in my feed. It's fun for me to post images and see who likes or comments. As of this writing I'm up to over 1700 posts.

Instagram has allowed me to express my creativity, connect with other creatives on-line, keep up with my nieces and nephews whom I rarely see, and receive daily inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite people I follow in no particular order.

  • Jeanine Leroy of @dailydoodlents--just like the name sounds, she posts a simple phrase and doodle.
  • Ingrid Henningssom of @ofspringandsummer--fresh flowers make me happy so it's no surprise I follow her posts.
  • Alisa Burke of @alisakburke--this artist is probably the most creative person I know besides my own sister.
  • Leigh Standley of @curlygirldesign--not only do I like Leigh's artwork but her baby fraternal twins are so cute and delightful.
  • the U.S. Department of the Interior @usinterior--their posts of natural landscapes are breathtaking.
  • Reuters @reuters--the photos posted by this news outlet remind me there is so much going on in the world and I can be grateful for my little corner of it.

And then, in case you are the last to hear of these Instagrammers who have gone viral with millions of followers:

  • Angie of @2sisters_angie--Angie posts pics of dresses made by herself and her preschool daughter nicknamed Mayhem. Mayhem models the dresses. She has a big personality. Their creativity attracts me.
  • Jessica Shyba of @mommasgonecity--several months ago Jessica posted a photo of her puppy, Theo, taking a nap next to her toddler Beau. The rest is history. Cuteness.
  • Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)--Murad posts pictures of his hand grasping the hand of his fiancé, Natalia, whose back is always to the camera. What makes his images worthwhile are the international venues and the photo enhancement. They almost look unreal.

If you don't have the Instagram app, you can still see the photos by putting in instagram.com/ and then the name after the @ sign. For the next list, you must have the app so you can search using the hashtag.

  • #notesfromtherocket--brief phrase on a vintage typewriter, written by author and artist Christine Mason Miller of @swirlygirl18
  • #sesamestory--little vignettes prepared by Jen Shaffer of @paintedfishstudio using vintage Fisher Price Sesame Street characters. Warning: crass language. I find them funny.