Beginning October with Gratitude

  "If the opposite of scarcity is enough, then practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there's enough and that we're enough."    ~~Brene Brown in Daring Greatly

I've been trying to practice gratitude more than usual.  Thought I'd start October in this space by thanking some of those I know virtually who've made an impact in my world.  I'm happy to say I've been able to meet many of them face-to-face and call them friend. They're in no particular order but Lori is a perfect one to start with.

  • Lori Portka--her delightful, coloful artwork makes me smile.  (This one is a favorite of mine.) Her A Hundred Thank Yous project is so, so inspiring.
  • Liz Lamoreux--the woman who reminds of the importance of self-care.  Be right here.
  • Kelly Barton--her playful girls (art) make me so happy.  Can't get enough of them.
  • Kristin Noelle--Her Trust Tending site reminds us that trust is the antidote to fear.
  • Karen Walrond--Her Pathfinders ecourse rocked my world last fall while her photos of flowers and people are the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Jolie Guillebeau--her daily paintings and stories delivered to my in-box encourage me to not forget the little things.  I'm the proud owner of one of these paintings (an origami crane, of course).
  • Tara Mohr--Earlier this year I took her Playing Big ecourse and experienced many important learnings.  She has much wisdom to share.
  • Danielle LaPorte--She gives it to you straight.  At the World Domination Summit last July she was just the person I needed to hear.
  • Rachelle Mee-Chapman--This Magpie Girl has a place where we all can gather.
  • Jamie Ridler and the women of Circe's Circle--They support and challenge me as I work to fulfill my play-full dreams.

This doesn't begin to cover all those I've met on-line.  But for now, I do hope you'll check out this group  and see why I'm grateful for these special women.