Around Here

Around here... 

    • read this post by my friend Liz and it inspired me to write the one you are reading.  And I think I want a unicorn now. 
    • seriously loving my new Macbook Pro.  Worth every penny.  I've never had a laptop before.  So so nice to just sit in bed with it on my lap and type away.  Hoping that it will motivate me to blog more often.  
    • got this book from the library.  Proud of myself in a strange way.  The fact that I'm saving money, that it's such a big book.  I usually prefer to buy new books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   I am loving it, by the way.  I don't want to put it down.  I don't want to do anything else but read it.  Surprised it doesn't have a higher rating on Amazon.  
    • getting closer to school starting for the kids.  Yes, I know it starts very early around this part of the country.  My girl will start high school.  So so freaky.  I remember so much what it was like to start high school.  Sometimes it seems like the decades ago that it is and other times it feels like yesterday.  (Then I look at this body of mine and am brought back to reality.)
    • hubby has been doing lots of reading.  He'd like to write a book someday.  He just asked me how to pronounce in German the name of St. Wilgefortis.  She is the patron saint of women who want to get rid of their husbands.  ha ha  No, I don't want to get rid of him.   
    • it is fun to see what my boy will come up with next.   The only toys he needs are cars, legos, and stuffed animals.  His engineering mind uses anything else to create all sorts of concoctions.
    • working on a blogpost about my experiences at the World Domination Summit 3 weeks ago.  I am behind.  Hope someone will want to read it. 
    • also working on this project.  Plan to officially announce it on Monday.  Trying to figure out how to make a badge/button so anyone can add it to their own site.  So many directions via google.  Just want something easy! 
    • driving to eastern Kentucky to teach this weekend.  Three hours on the road.  Would rather be spending the time with family so I can sympathize with the students who probably feel the same way.  Thankfully, the drive and the place is beautiful in the mountains. 

    What's going on in your neck of the woods?