Are ya ready for some football?

Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the

National Institute for Play

and author of the aptly titled book,


, says that one common type of play is spectator play.  We observe an event (often sports-related) and get quite caught up in the sights, sounds, smells--the experience of it.  It's usually not the same to watch the event on TV as being there in person.  This weekend I enaged in this type of play as I watched

Lindsey Wilson College

 (where I teach) have its first football game in 75 years. 

One of the best parts of the game was watching this parachuter deliver the game ball.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here are the fans.  My high school stadium was bigger than this, but then again, it had more students than my little college does...and it's in Texas.  (You know, Texas=football.)

Check out the hair on this fan.

And we have kickoff!

Of course, what's college football without a band?

My little fan amused himself with an empty box that once held T-shirts that lucky people such as myself received.  I never tire of watching him play.

In the end, Lindsey Wilson lost.  They fought hard, so they say.  There will be more games.  But for a moment, I felt a sense of connection with all the other fans on that day as we rooted on our team.  And it felt good. 

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