Playcrane Moments


 Playcrane moments...

  • browsing Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee
  • going to a movie with my kids
  • playing with paint on a canvas
  • going on a photo walk
  • taking my kids to the park and swinging myself
  • doing something thoughtful for another person
  • reading, watching, or listening to something that inspires me or makes me think
  • journaling
  • being still and paying attention to my breath
  • listening to the birds sing
  • connecting with virtual friends via twitter and instagram
  • watching kids play
  • reading a story to my son
  • hugging my family especially "family hugs"
  • having a heart-to-heart talk with a friend
  • shopping at a gift, clothing, or arts and craft store
  • attending an outdoor concert
  • eating dinner out with friends
  • practicing yoga
  • buying fresh flowers for my home
  • dancing anywhere, anytime
  • celebrating life!

These are the important moments.  These are the moments for which I am grateful!

Wishing and Dreaming in June

After a long, busy day this past Monday I sat on my bed with scissors, gluestick, and a few old magazines and prepared the dreamboard (also referred to by some as visionboard) you see above using the prompt for the full moon that Jamie Ridler posted on her website: "What delights are you dreaming of?"  Yesterday she posted a similar question for Wishcasting Wednesday: "What do you wish to delight in?"  And today she posted a fun way to discover what you delight in by completing these sentences as I do below.  (I tried not to edit myself, but write the first thing that came to mind.)

I love the taste of...

  • Iowa sweet corn with butter and salt
  • my mother-in-law's Mexican stew with fresh, hot tortillas made in San Antonio
  • grasshopper pie made by my mother (not made out of grasshoppers but it is green)
  • tortillas and hot sauce with a side of ranch at Chili's or tortillas and salsa at Uncle Julio's
  • peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

I love the sight of...

  • just about any kind of flower
  • Utah mountains when the aspen trees are in their fall glory
  • my family's faces smiling at me
  • sunrises and sunsets
  • watching old reruns of M*A*S*H with my dad

I love the feel of...

  • a new container of playdough
  • warm hugs from my family and friends
  • soaking my feet during a pedicure
  • hot chocolate in my tummy after being outside when it's cold
  • a soft blanket

I love the smell of...

  • freesia
  • lilacs
  • cherry blossoms
  • popcorn being made
  • a newborn baby

I love the sound of...

  • children laughing
  • a windchime
  • an organist belting out a hymn on a big organ
  • bird chirping
  • my family saying, "I love you"

 What do you delight in?  What do you wish for?  What do you dream of?


Happy Blogaversary!


Happy Blogaversary to me!

A year ago yesterday I started on this blogging adventure.  This is my 120th post so that averages to about one every 3 days.  A bit of an accomplishment if I do say so myself.

Today I've celebrated by going to my local bakery and purchasing 4 of the cupcakes you see above--one for each member of my family.  And I know my husband won't want one so then I'll have two.  Something tells me, though, the icing may just be too sugary, but I know I'll like the cake part.  I'm a cake kind of girl.

Buying cupakes reminds me of what Patti Digh says in her book, Life is a Verb.  She recommends that you always have a supply of birthday candles on hand to celebrate the little joys in life.  Sometimes we are so much on the go, working towards the next big thing, that we don't stop to celebrate our accomplishments and be grateful, because we're onto the next big thing.

What do you have to celebrate?
What are you grateful for?