Playcrane Moments


 Playcrane moments...

  • browsing Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee
  • going to a movie with my kids
  • playing with paint on a canvas
  • going on a photo walk
  • taking my kids to the park and swinging myself
  • doing something thoughtful for another person
  • reading, watching, or listening to something that inspires me or makes me think
  • journaling
  • being still and paying attention to my breath
  • listening to the birds sing
  • connecting with virtual friends via twitter and instagram
  • watching kids play
  • reading a story to my son
  • hugging my family especially "family hugs"
  • having a heart-to-heart talk with a friend
  • shopping at a gift, clothing, or arts and craft store
  • attending an outdoor concert
  • eating dinner out with friends
  • practicing yoga
  • buying fresh flowers for my home
  • dancing anywhere, anytime
  • celebrating life!

These are the important moments.  These are the moments for which I am grateful!

Just because...

Stargazer 2
Stargazer lilies. Still beautiful 4 days after I bought them.
Stargazer with iPhone
taken with iPhone
I learned the concept of "Just because..." in one of my play therapy courses.  In that context we were taught to share it with parents to do with their children.

Give someone a hug.  If he or she asks why you did it, you answer, "just because."  In other words, do something nice, thoughtful or kind for someone just because you love them.

Today I share with you some pics of one of my favorite flowers.  In fact, it was the major flower in my May wedding almost 16 years ago.

Sharing some love with you.
Just because...