Better Late Than Never: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Dear 2013,

You were the year in which I chose OPEN as my guiding word. Such a good word as I had many new experiences. You were the year of


  • my first, and so far only, tattoo
  • first logo for playcrane
  • my oldest child starting high school
  • my first time in the Bahamas
  • my first pair of prescription glasses: progressive lenses
  • first time meeting people face-to-face, in real time, some of whom I have followed on-line for years: like Patti Digh, Jen Louden, Susan Piver, Lori Portka, Heather PlettWendy Cook (probably forgetting someone else)
  • first time with no living grandparents as my grandfather died in May 

attending events--so thankful for these opportunities

writing and presenting

So many lessons and learnings from what I have read, seen, and experienced. For that, I am so grateful. 

Hello 2014!

You've started off with a brief sinus infection and then have been full speed ahead.

I've chosen LIVE as my word of the year:

                                                                                    art by  Kelly Barton

                                                                                    art by Kelly Barton

                                                                    art by  Mati Rose McDonough

                                                                    art by Mati Rose McDonough

I chose LIVE or it chose me, because I noticed toward the end of the year I was living life as an automaton. Even though some of my Core Desired Feelings are expansive (for me, this means learning and growing) and connected, and I feel this when I am surfing on-line or engaged with social media, I was aware that my time on-line was turning into either a shadow comfort or a time monster.

I want to live more fully and more mindfully in 2014. 




Another Blogpost on Self-Care and I'm not foolin'

Today I'm working on a presentation for the Kentucky Mental Health Counseling Assocation annual conference.  Just an hour to present on


Kinda funny/ironic that I would choose to present on self-care given my recent posts and the fact that I've chosen KIND as my One Little Word for the year.

But we tend to teach what we most need to learn.
And am I procrastinating by writing this blogpost?  No, I'm getting my creative juices flowing!

Any ideas about the topic?  I'm kinda hung up on what verb to choose.  Do we exercise, embody, exhibit, or practice self-care?  Or is it something else?

Of course, I think one of the best methods of self-care is...

Have a good weekend!

One Little Word

I am participating in Ali Edwards's One Little Word 2011 project through Big Picture Classes.

The above image is a Wordle consisting of the words chosen from this year's participants.  Doesn't that look creative and fun?

I'm excited about all the possibilities this will bring.  One Little Word is your theme for the year.  Much easier than making resolutions that probably won't last past mid January.

But coming up with my word seemed like such pressure, especially when I just haven't been myself lately since I've been sick since right before Christmas.  Then this post listed all the participants' words thus far.  A commenter noticed that almost every letter of the alphabet had a word represented...except K.  I wracked my brain thinking of a good K word.  And then it came to me... KIND.  My word for the year is KIND.  Yes!  I need to me more KIND to myself, I can always be more KIND to others (especially when I have judgmental thoughts), and it never hurts to be more KIND to the earth.

You don't have to be signed up to have a word.  What would your One Little Word be?