Better Late Than Never: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Dear 2013,

You were the year in which I chose OPEN as my guiding word. Such a good word as I had many new experiences. You were the year of


  • my first, and so far only, tattoo
  • first logo for playcrane
  • my oldest child starting high school
  • my first time in the Bahamas
  • my first pair of prescription glasses: progressive lenses
  • first time meeting people face-to-face, in real time, some of whom I have followed on-line for years: like Patti Digh, Jen Louden, Susan Piver, Lori Portka, Heather PlettWendy Cook (probably forgetting someone else)
  • first time with no living grandparents as my grandfather died in May 

attending events--so thankful for these opportunities

writing and presenting

So many lessons and learnings from what I have read, seen, and experienced. For that, I am so grateful. 

Hello 2014!

You've started off with a brief sinus infection and then have been full speed ahead.

I've chosen LIVE as my word of the year:

                                                                                    art by  Kelly Barton

                                                                                    art by Kelly Barton

                                                                    art by  Mati Rose McDonough

                                                                    art by Mati Rose McDonough

I chose LIVE or it chose me, because I noticed toward the end of the year I was living life as an automaton. Even though some of my Core Desired Feelings are expansive (for me, this means learning and growing) and connected, and I feel this when I am surfing on-line or engaged with social media, I was aware that my time on-line was turning into either a shadow comfort or a time monster.

I want to live more fully and more mindfully in 2014.