Playing in the Sand

How fun it is to play in the sand!
(Might help explain why sand play therapy is so popular.)

At any age..
sand sculptures clockwise from top left:
by Miles, Meredith, Jodi, Jeff
The first day we were there Meredith wanted to be buried.
Wonder why kids like to do this so much?

For me, I just love how it feels on my feet while I read a good book.

Doesn't the photo above make the sand look like cookie dough?
Oh yum!

Children Crossing and Jellyfish

Children crossing...

Watch for us.  Do not overlook us.  We need your attention.
Adults can be seem too busy for us, all rushing on your way.

We're off to learn and grow and play.
We don't like being rushed around from place to place.
And given no choice.
We'd rather stay where we are.  We like to live in the moment.
Won't you join us?
You just might learn something if you'd stop and stay awhile.

The little poem above was inspired by the yellow flag I purchased from Toys of the Trade as well as these sandtray items to the left.  A few were in goodie bags that each attendee received at the Kentucky Association for Play Therapy annual conference.  Even adults can like goodie bags!  The fire colored "stones" have been calling to me.  Miles saw them right away and wanted to keep them.  Of course, I let him play with them, but they'll soon join the rest of my sandtray toys in my office.

The toy on the far left is a jelly fish.  Such beautiful creatures but beware of their sting, the way they protect themselves.  I went searching for pics of jellyfish and found these two.  The one on the left was taken on the Texas coast at Rockport Beach in June 2009 and the blue one is of Meredith from Oct. 2009 when we visited the Georgia Aquarium when I took them with me to Atlanta for the international Association for Play Therapy conference.  It's as if the jellyfish are floating along without a care in the world.  Kinda like young children can be when they become enveloped in their play.

Reflections on a Play Therapy Conference--Part 2

my favorites--love the guy kickin' back

and the 2 mother/baby nuturing figures

Here is why attending the Association for Play Therapy annual conference is like Christmas for me as I mentioned in my last


. I come home with new sandtray figures from exhibitors such as Kentucky's own

Toys of the Trade

 as seen above.

Then there's new books from the fabulous Dee Dee of the

Self Esteem Shop

and this fun new instrument made in Peru.

And because play therapy is so creative I often get to make things like...

puzzle piece where the prompt was to

make something important to you

(I was missing my kids when I made this.)

a healing pouch

and a

derby hat (We were in Louisville after all!)

I received this little affirmation in one of my workshops.

Since returning from the conference I've been decompressing through a trip to the park with two of my favorite people and playtime in the fall leaves.



Meredith with neighborhood friend


One more thing. I gave Miles a magnet of a feelings chart I got at the conference. He immediately taped it up in his room beneath his calendar he made. Notice the feeling he marked. How cute is that?!